One of the most rarest time pieces by Tok Raja and mostly kept by private collectors which is hardly seen by the public. A truly unique design of a Pidta riding on the back of a Tortoise which symbolizes longevity according to the Chinese belief. At the tip of the tortoise's mouth is the golden needle or "takrut tongkham" which is highly priced and valuable, not to mention that it is very rare and special (with Tok Raja yant). Only a few of these great pieces are produced by the Great Tok Raja during his time. The yant at the back of the Pidta is "Yant Suriya" which depicts the "Sun" which means "Metta Maha Amnat", symbolizes the power of the sun which provides power and life to the universe. The epicentre of the "sun" is the Pali word of "Lohan" which is "Metta Mahaniyom". The tortoise's lips and also eyes are "red" in colour and was sticked with the gold glitters. The Pidta is also sticked with gold glitters on its back hands. It comes with Tok Raja's image on its stomach (quite dark to see). The weird posture of sitting on the tortoise is another trademark of Tok Raja which shows his great skills in producing powder made (wahn in Thai) Pidtas. Hope you gain to appreciate and enjoy Tok Raja's classical piece of Pidtas.